Infinite Catering
& Events

Welcome to Infinite Catering & Events, where we make life easier and effortless through food. We offer many culinary services to assist you through each life changing event big or small.  We pride ourselves in delivering the best service possible by effective collaboration with you and our many vendors. Infinite Catering Events is your answer to a successful and unforgettable event with delectable food.

We are a human food making machine!
  1. Weddings
    Getting married? Good, so are we. We treat each wedding like its our own. Your bride is our bride, your groom is our groom. We also supply everything food related that you may need; chaffing dishes, plates, glasses, fountains, and more...including the food of course. Weddings get FREE a tasting for 4!
  2. Meal Preparation and Delivery
    Ask me, "what's for dinner?" but once...for the whole week, instead of every night. Get it? Ha Ha. We will deliver it like pizza but its not pizza...well unless you want pizza.
  3. Chop and Pour +21
    Wanna learn how to cook a meal? We teach Demos and we drink while doing it. We offer 10 dishes that we will personally teach everyone how to cook. Everyone tastes and everyone eats. Book all ten sessions and get the 11th one for free. We cannot provide a venue at this time but we will come to you.
  4. Baby Shower
    Having a baby? Ask us about or Gender Revealing desserts and themed food. We even serve "baby food" and we also supply food for games.
  5. Parties
    We understand that there is more to parties than food. We also supply hosts, DJ's, photographers, bartenders, and adult entertainment. Yes, we do it all.
  6. Grill Master Services
    We provide the BEST Grill Chefs We are available for all outdoor BBQ events. We will set up and break down any event like we were serving in your own home...just not in your home.
  7. Travel
    Miss us so much you wanna take us with you?? Awww YES we can go, on you of course. We understand that not all important events take place where you reside so, yes you can take us with you. We've catered on beaches, in personal kitchens, and traveled for family reunions as well.
  8. Tarts and Cakes
    We have a team of excellent pastry chefs. We provide homemade and handmade tarts and cakes accompanied with homemade frostings and glazes.
  9. Infuse with Booze +21
    To infuse is to steep something in a liquid to extract the flavors from it Booze - alcohol, especially hard liquor Need we say more?